This is going to be a short post.  I feel this vignette needs a post of its own.  Sometime simple inspiration is all that is needed in a day…

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | Why Wednesday


B-R-E-A-T-H it in!!  I LOVE everything about this space!  Jan Showers is a genius!  She is probably going to be asked to help design Heaven!

The butter yellow on these beautifully detailed chairs.  The gorgeous cream satin luxurious drapery.  The mirrored lamp table.  The door hardware, and the rug.  Oh my!!  Did I miss anything?  I mean, to fit that much awe-inspiring beauty into one photo is truly a work of art!  I’m thankful for Jan Showers today and her work:)

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | Why Wednesday


The only appropriate addition to this space would be this button!!  PERFECTION!!

I hope you are having an inspiring Wednesday!

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