Wallpaper!  What does the term mean to you?  Does it conjure up strong 70’s memories?

OMG!!  I know! Stop the madness! But, truthfully, it’s back!!  And there are soooo many gorgeous options!!  Endless patterns and stripes and textures!  The higher end manufacturers will even let you customize your paper!  You can create murals or just pick your own color for the background and the colors you want to be used in the pattern.  It’s honestly art!

Patterned WallPaper

There are timeless patterns that seem to never go out of style.  Toile is a great example of such a pattern…



Absolutely classic, toile never really goes out of style.

Jenny Michal Interiors | Toile Wallpaper


However, you could use this old classic in a new way…

Jenny Michal Interiors | Toile Wallpaper


A fresh and different way to add interest to a classic

Jenny Michal Interiors | Toile Wallpaper


And now there are so many hip new colors of toile to choose from!  Even with the use of this 1960’s sofa and the toile paper, this space looks anything but dated!  Don’t you agree?

pink brush strokes, green geometric, fashion, hot air balloon, navy geometric, oversized metallic , vivid floral

The new patterns include twists on old classics.  Metallic patterns are reminiscent of 1960’s Hollywood Glam.  Just Fabulous, my darling! And vibrantly colored florals are a fresh new take on the 70’s madness.  Which is your favorite?

Striped WallPaper

Stripes can also be a timeless classic.  They can add elegance to the most mundane space!

Jenny Michal Interiors | striped Wallpaper


This bathroom is truly lovely in pink stripes!

Jenny Michal Interiors | striped Wallpaper


The subtle yellow stripes in this kitchen, combined with the subway tile and the checkered floor make it one of my favorite examples.

Jenny Michal Interiors | striped Wallpaper


What a unique and inventive way to use striped wallpaper!  On the ceiling!

Textured WallPaper

green grass cloth,

Textures such as this green grass cloth and beige entry add interest to any room.  And paintable coverings reminiscent of old ceiling tiles can turn an otherwise unnoticed area into a point of interest!

Jenny-Mike’s Choices

The trick for me is to not be “WallPaper Happy”!  I’m trying to narrow down my choices a bit.  Could you help me?

Jenny-Mike Entry

I would love to wow my visitors and loved-ones with a vibrant entry…

source, source

While I love these choices and the idea of floral directly upon entry, neither of these is exactly right for the Jenny-Mike project.  So, onward and upward!

Jenny Michal Interiors | Possible Entry

Although the above is actually a fabric, wouldn’t it be fabulous as a wall covering!?  Something along these lines, anyway.  I’m not picky!  Hehe!

Jenny-Mike Powder Bath

This is a small space.  I want it to POP!! This is what it looks like now…


Jenny Michal Interiors | Possible powder bath


This classy black is intriguing isn’t it!?

Jenny Michal Interiors | Possible powder bath


Or this navy powder room with a metallic geometric pattern on the ceiling!?

Jenny Michal Interiors | Possible powder bath

But this oversized metallic geometric with the gold accessories is the ONE I keep returning too!  What do you think?

Mady’s Room

Mady is my baby.  My 14 (almost 15) year old baby!  She’s my co-designer!  We’ve spent some time designing her room and I can’t wait for you to see!  She has a LOFT!!  And it’s fabulous! So in the loft, this is what we’re thinking…

This view is standing in her bedroom looking up into the loft.


Jenny Michal Interiors | patterned Wallpaper

It’s her very own sweet spot!  We are searching far and wide for the source to this very paper!  Thoughts?

Jenny-Mike’s Master

I love the windows in this master! 

source, source, source

I ADORE these!!  The green with a touch of blue, yellow, even pink!  Oh, my!!  The way it will play in perfect harmony with the beauty that is God’s creation beyond the windows of the master! So, I’m researching.  I’ve even found a place that will customize your selection from the background color to the size of pieces that will fit together.  I’m waiting to hear back from them.  I WILL keep you posted! I’d love to hear your favorite wall covering ideas!

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