As an interior designer, I wish I could separate the following truth from my own conscience.  I wish I could just offer my clients a grand plan for an aesthetically perfect interiors to fix all of their problems!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Tx | The Truth About Design

But for me to offer such hi hopes via material things, would be me abandoning my true calling to the family as a whole.  So here it is… The truth is… A perfect home… With a perfect interior… won’t give you a perfect life. 🙁

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Tx | The Truth About Design

There I said it.  my conscience is clear now!  Not that it’s some grand hidden truth.  We all know it!  Yet, we still run around like decapitated chickens attempting to re-create everything we see on instagram and pinterest.  This quest for a beautiful, functional and complete interior, in and of itself, is NOT a bad thing!  On the contrary, it’s a blessing!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Tx | The Truth About Design

However we MUST keep our priorities straight!  Connection with your family will lead to new and inspiring ideas for your interior.  Not vice versa.  If you think that new rug or sofa will foster a feeling of connection and health in your family and correct what seems broken, you are looking at the issue backwards I’m afraid. However, If you’re thinking, “we spend so much time in that room and it really would offer more space and comfort with that new sofa”, THEN your tracking with me!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Tx | The Truth About Design

I’m convinced the best “next step” so often is to turn OFF all the distractions and hunker down with your crew.  I’m typing this as the tv is blaring in the other room, mind you!  But theoretically, the most productive move, concerning the general health of our families, is to power off for a bit!

Ironically, it is Sunday, as I am typing this and Jeff and I had a discussion about the meaning of the sabbath (and Sunday is the new Saturday right?  And by new I mean for the past 2,000 years!)  God’s intent for the sabbath was NOT the form of not working in any capacity, but rather the function, to rid yourself of the distractions of this fallen world and bring our King and our true purpose back in to sharp focus.  It’s crazy how, at this gesture of 20/15 vision, all else falls into place.  THEN and only then, should you be calling me for help on creating your family’s dream connection zones!

I’d love to hear ways that you find to connect with your crew!  Happy Monumental Monday!

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