OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I’ve been so so excited for my new MONUMENTAL MONDAY series to start!  And here we go!!  Every single Monday for 1 year, I will have a new video full of fun and creative tips on simplifying and streamlining all areas of your world so that you we will have more time to spend with the people we love!

All of April we will be focusing on the kitchen and creating a system to make life a little easier for your family!  We all have to eat right!? And we’re all trying to find ways to feed our families more than junk in a way that won’t make our heads spin from our persons in exhaustion!

For this first week, I’m showing my super super simple meal planning system, that you can implement right away for smooth sailing in your kitchen!  Watch the video and if you want to review the tips read the post below!  And most importantly have a Monumental Monday!

Jenny’s Meal Planning System

As profound as it is (I know, I know) it’s really as simple as 30 minutes worth of planning each week!  Start by carving out that time.  My 30 minutes is every Sunday night.  I’ll be honest, it’s usually while my family is vegging in front of the tv with “Walking Dead” on.  EWE!  I’d much rather plan meals!

GOLD STAR TIP: As my crew has gotten older, I’ll text them and let them know it’s time to put in their requests for the grocery store as I’m making the list.  If the don’t text it to me, they shouldn’t expect it to appear in the kitchen.

  1. Pinterest - Begin here!  It’s an endless resource for creative meals!
  2. Notebook - Have fun creating your own notebook for your family recipes!  Let your kids help!  I’ve been known to make copies from cookbooks that I love to add to my notebook.
  3. Post-It’s - Get to posting!  Create your weekly menu on your post-its as you make your grocery list!
  4. Kick your feet up with your glass of wine my friend, because you just took away all the pain and stress from the question “What’s for dinner?”


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BTW - You can find that fabulous Homemade Bread Recipe here!


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