Monumental Monday - My first thought for my “Monday” series was “Mundane Monday” but who needs to be drug down on a Monday morning?  So, after further consideration, I came up with “Monumental Monday”!  The whole idea is that I can give you something to look forward to on Monday mornings!  A dream fulfilled, or a project completed (or at least a portion of a project).

With that being said, without further ado…

Monumental Monday - Glass Cabinet Design

I’m not one to show the world what is lurking behind my cabinet doors.  I’ve never been one to go for glass cabinets for this very reason.  But my kitchen design is lacking wall space

Jenny Michal Interiors | College Station, Tx


so I really feel that my cabinets should be interesting and eye-catching.  They will basically be taking up all the space.  So, I’ve had my eye out for THE PERFECT glass cabinet design.

Jenny Michal Interiors | Glass Cabinet Design

Pacific Peninsula Group

 There are so many beautiful options!  

Jenny Michal Interiors | Glass Cabinet Design

You can get as intricate as you want to get.

Jenny Michal Interiors | Glass Cabinet Design


Or stay relatively simple!  Both options are beautiful in different spaces.

Jenny Michal Interiors | Glass Cabinet Design


This kitchen has a little of both!  The top cabinets are pretty detailed, while the lower are quite simple.  Stunning!

Jenny Michal Interiors | Glass Cabinet Design

This French design is AMAZING!!  

My Grandpa was a woodworker.  I spent many hours watching him and learning from him.  He taught me how to use several different types of saws.  But I’m learning how computerized everything is becoming!  Now you can use a computer program to draw your design and then feed that drawing directly to the saw!  CRAZY!

Jenny-Mike Cabinets

For the purposes of the Jenny-Mike house I had something specific in mind.  I wanted to veer away from my usual French-Country bent and go for something a little more transitional…

Jenny Michal Interiors | Glass cabinet design


Something a little more along these lines. Ha!  Pun intended.  But these were a little TOO simple.  I wanted a tad more detail.  Like these…

Jenny Michal Interiors | Glass cabinet design

When I found this pic, I knew this was it.  I totally wanted to copy this design.  

So, In an earlier post on Kitchens, I said that my carpenter was making me a prototype… 

Jenny Michal Interiors | Glass cabinet design | College Station, Tx

TADA!!  I was sooooo excited!  I knew they could do it!  I have a really great carpenter and draftsman!  I’m thrilled and can’t wait to get these suckers up!  In fact I love them so much I’m putting them in my office as well!  So, stay posted!

Happy Monday!  Make it a Monumental One!  


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