It’s a new month and that means a new topic for My Monumental Monday series!  This month we’re talking about our closets!  We’re going to get them in tip-top shape just in time for summer!  Take a look to learn 4 great tips for organizing your closet!

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Now onto my 4 tips for creating an organized closet…

  1. Remember to use the vertical space in your closet.  Think High!  This may involve a little cabinetry work, but don’t neglect the top few feet of your space!  Lot’s of seasonal items can be stored up there!  Check out the handy template below.
  2. Measure your clothes.  I know, I know.  This seems a little silly, but trust me, if you want or need to be efficient with your closet space, this is the way to go!  Some of us work in the corporate world and have lots-o-dresses, right?  In which case you’ll need more long hanging space than say a stay-at-home Mom.  So get out your measuring tape and release your inner nerd!  Trust me.  You’ll be glad you did when you have a perfectly spaced closet.
  3. Shoeboxes - Here’s a link to my linen drop-front shoeboxes that store my off-season shoes at the top of my closet in order to give way to shelf space for the current season.  This system works like a charm!
  4. Live like a caveman - Just kidding.  You don’t have to store your clothes under rocks or where leather 24/7.  Just consider folding some of your clothes and storing them in drawers.  Remember to fold them as shown in the video.  You’ll be surprised at how much you can fit in a drawer that way and how much easier it is to access those item.Jenny Tamplin Interiors | Monumental Monday | Tips For An Organized Closet

So, how do you keep your closet organized?  Have you already implemented any of the above suggestions?  I can’t wait for next week as we continue down this road of improving our closets!  But for now, I hope you’re having a Monumental Monday!

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