We’re wrapping up our first month of Monumental Mondays on the Kitchen!

We’ve talked about meal planning, My Favorites Appliances and tools, and last week we covered Organization in your kitchen.  Today the blog is on my 4 Best tips to keep your kitchen running as smoothly as possible so that you will have more stress-free moments to share with your loved ones!

None of this is rocket science!  It’s just about routine and consistency.

  1. Loading and Unloading the Dishwasher - Something as simple as loading and running the dishwasher every night before bed can be life altering!  And if you add the routine of unloading in the morning while you sip on your coffee, you will always feel like you have a functioning clean space.  You’ll actually look forward to being in the space rather than dreading it!
  2. Clorox Wipes are the “right” to so many kitchen “wrongs”.  If you just stop and wipe down the shelves in your fridge as you make your grocery list every week, you’ll avoid that embarrassing stage that our fridges get into.  You know.  The funky smell, “no one touch the fridge when company is over” stage?  This feeling can be completely avoided with a few quick wipes once a week when your fridge is at its emptiest.
  3. Buy fruits and veggies pre-cut!  I know this one is not really a money saver, but you must determine what is more valuable in this situation.  Would you rather save money and buy your fruit whole and watch it rot in the fridge because no-one wants to cut it?  Or would you rather, your family have a healthy and easy “go-to” at any given moment in the week?
  4. Cook veggies a couple of times a week and store in the fridge for a quick 30 seconds in the microwave any time anyone is ready for a meal.  We keep sweet potato fries ready to eat in our fridge, a much healthier option than chips!

I truly hope you’ve enjoyed this kitchen series and even picked up some new and useful tips!  Be sure to come back next week!  The month of May we’re talking CLOSETS!  Get excited!

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