Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas | Encouraging Chores With The Kids

The word “CHORE” has such a negative connotation to it!  But the idea I’m going for in this video is coming up with a plan for your family in which everyone feels a sense of “skin in the game” so to speak.  Don’t you think we ultimately take better care of things we personally have invested in?  Don’t you agree that when we teach our children to be responsible and respectful of the space they share with others, we are in effect teaching them an important life skill?

On that note, this weeks video really doesn’t call for any more words.  I’m sharing common-sensical ways to get this chore ball rolling for your family and home!  Take a look!  And leave a comment below!  Let’s discuss!  That’s where real connection and growth comes from!  The discussion!

I do hope you’re having a Monumental Monday!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas

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