We’re beginning a new series for Monumental Monday today!  In honor of the new school year starting up, we’re talking about our kids this month!  I’m starting the month out talking about how to make each child feel valued and special within the home, by creating a space that is unique to them and their interests!  I’m excited about this episode, because we’re getting into my sweet spot!!  DESIGN!!

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Texas | How To Make Your Home Special For Each Of Your Kids

Watch this quick video on the importance of making your home special for each of the occupants AND ways to go about this task!

What did you think?  How have you made your home special for your babies?  I would LOVE to hear!  Please don’t forget to leave a comment below AND subscribe to my blog!  Next week is all about chores!

I do hope you’re having a Monumental Monday and a Happy Labor Day!!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas

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