Here we are in week 3 of this August Series of Family Systems!  Today is all about a family calendar that will work for you!  I’m sharing my top 4 tips on creating a calendar that works wonders for you family’s crazy school year schedule all while making a fool of myself (again)!  Take a look…

How do you feel about taking advice from a grown woman who loves to pretend she’s in a band?  Trust me I’m not quitting my day job!  But it was fun fo-sho!!

So to recap my 4 tips:

  1. Tip 1 is Finding a system that works for YOU!!  Weather it be my printables, an app, a planner ( or were my suggestions), or some combination of these three.
  2. Have a family meeting.  Make sure everyone is on the same page to insure an easier path for the whole!
  3. Organize and coordinate.  Plan a time each week to make sure ALL of the different calendars have been combined into one location to ensure nothing is left out!
  4. Plan a Weekly review.  My time to go over the upcoming week’s calendar is Sunday nights.  This puts the week’s activities in the front of my brain so that I can start making arrangements for car pooling, etc. as needed!

And there you have it!  Just a few simple steps to make sure your weeks go by without too much of a hitch!

Do you have a calendar system or a tip that I haven’t covered?  Please, please share below in the comments!  Make sure you let me know if you’re interested in knowing when my Connected Home packet is up on my website!

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I do hope you’re having a Monumental Monday!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas

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