I’m LOVING this month of organizing different areas of our homes so that we can live with less stress!  Aren’t y’all!?!

This week is all about our home offices!  This one is a big one!  Although all the tips are quite simple, if we take the time to follow these 4 steps every week, our home office will never feel overwhelming again!  Just a short 30 minutes a week can keep everything in order and looking good!  Take a look!

Do you already do any of these things?  Maybe you have a few tips to add?  What works for your family to keep the clutter down and bills paid?  Please leave a comment below!  Let’s discuss!

Also, if you’d like a jump start creating a “Connected Family Notebook” to keep your family running smoothly check out my printable packet!

I hope you’re having a Monumental Monday!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas

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