Are you ready for school to start back up?  Do you have a system in place to keep your family running smoothly?  Well, I’m at the tail end of raising my family, and I’m going to share my “tried and true” system with you over the course of August, to hopefully get you off to an awesome start this school year!

I had fun making this series!  I feel I may have lost my mind with the costume changes.  But that’s ok!  We had a blast with this series!  So, let’s get started!

I promise!  The printables will be available VERY shortly!  If you’d like an email, when they’re ready, please let me know in the comments below!  And I’ll make sure you are the first to know when they go live on my website in the next few days!  They are cute and I’m quite proud of them!

What You’ll Need:

To get your notebook started you’ll need the following:

  1. Label Dividers - These are my favorite and work great with my system.
  2. Notebook - I like this one because it’s sturdy and has plastic inserts along the front and back.
  3. Connected Family Printables!!

Ready to get off to a great start this year?  I hope you’re having a Monumental Monday!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas

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