Yes, yes.  I know.  It’s actually Tuesday!  BUT I knew we would all be celebrating the 4th of July yesterday, and I didn’t want you guys to miss this first installment for July!

To be totally honest with you, this series was the most difficult for me to write so far.  Not at all because I feel less strongly about the subject matter.  Quite the opposite.  I do LOVE (maybe inordinately so) organizing and coming up with systems to create calm in the family.  But, the subject matter for July reveals my deepest passion.  This is the place that I believe individuals and families find true healing and grow strong together.

As I was struggling (and I mean I REALLY struggled through this process) I heard someone say,

“Whatever creation is posing the most resistance is the very one you should press into.”  

This absolutely resonated with my soul.  I don’t think this is always true.  I do love it when something I am really proud of just easily flows out of me heart, but in this instance I knew I needed to power through.  God also put several other confirmations in front of me.  A new friend that I don’t even know real well yet, texted me and said “Jenny, I was watching your videos and I wanted to tell you it would be cool if you did….”.  Can’t argue with that.  SOOOO, I employed a group of prayer warriors and wrestled through it… And I’m pretty excited with the outcome!

This first video is the kickoff.  To explain the “why” behind the series!  We’ll go through the “When”, Journaling, and the “what” through the course of the month.  Trust me!  And Please stick along for the journey!  My prayer is that you find encouragement and inspiration to reignite your passion for this greatest of connections!

The BEST part… If you subscribe to my blog any time this month, you’ll receive my Journaling Template via email!  Also, if you’re already a subscriber and would like to receive the template (which I talk about in week 3) then post a comment below I’ll make sure you get one!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas | Monumental Monday |Journaling

Happy Monumental TUESDAY!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas

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