This past weekend was a very chill weekend for the Tamplins.  We opted to stay home in Aggieland and watch the A&M vs. Arkansas game from the comfort of our living room, rather than make the trek to Dallas and fight the crowd, just to witness the game from Jerry World.  Also, my husband has a moral standard (that sometimes only he understands fully) in which he refuses to grace that stadium with his presence.  I don’t know.  Something about excess and arrogance.

Anywho, I love the rare Saturday that we all just veg in our house all day.  Watching movies, reading, taking naps.  Anyone who is or has been in the middle of raising a family full of kids and teens knows, these recharging days are a true blessing.

My 17-year-old, Audrey, dreams of working in the film industry and therefore really enjoys cinematography.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE when she finds a movie (that she may have seen 10 times previously) and she asks me to sit and watch it with her.  My cup runs over!  I also, LOVE that this same 17-year-old, still finds her happy place so often in the middle of an animated movie!

Meet The Robinsons

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | Meet The Robinsons | College Station, Tx | Family Friday

This particular Saturday, it was Meet The Robinsons.  It is (in our opinion) one of the most underrated Disney movies out there.  So, when she found it on pay-per-view and asked me to watch it with her, my answer was nothing other than an emphatic YES!!  Ya’ll, she’ll go to college next fall!!  🙁

If you haven’t seen Meet The Robinsons I implore you to stop what you are doing ( I mean after you finish reading this post, of course) and go watch it!  Totally worth your time!  I promise!  It’s about a young boy, who was left as an infant, on the porch of an orphanage.  He is a VERY curious young child who loves to come up with new inventions, all while hoping to be adopted by a nice family!  Long story short, because you NEED to see it yourself, he battles negative thoughts when his inventions fall short and different couples reject him for adoption.

Here’s where it becomes profound for me.  I battle negative thoughts!  And still, as an adult, battle feelings of rejection, more often than one might think!  So, the movie had my attention.  It also jarred me when Audrey said in the middle of the movie, “I love this movie, because if you listen, it’s really talking about all of our negative thoughts coming from our own head!”  I don’t know why this happens but often when I watch an animated movie I totally feel the Holy Spirit talking to me!  LOL  True story.  Maybe this means I’m simple-minded.  It’s whatever.  Works for me.

Armor Of God Study

Right now I’m going through Priscilla Shirer’s “Armor Of God” study.  I’m being reminded of how our enemy is NOT against flesh and blood, but against all the dark forces of the enemy that we can’t physically see.  I’m reminded that when I feel like a failure and nobody loves me, everybody hates me (you know, the whole eating warms scenario) I’m literally listening to the ultimate liar!  Literally the “father of lies”!  The accuser himself.  He’s so skilled at his profession that he convinces me that it’s my own thoughts and therefore truth!  Like I create truth?  That’s a flawed thought process in and of itself!

Finding the Correlation

So, Lewis Robinson of Meet the Robinsons gets to go forward in time, via his time machine, to see that he IS a gifted scientist and inventor.  He DOES have an entire family that loves him and believes in him and are in fact guided by him and his salutation to “Keep Moving Forward”.

Do you see it??  This Disney film totally reminded me that God has a plan and in the midst of failure, he is molding and shaping me!  He is making me more like His Son!  And while I do not believe in the saying “Everything happens for a reason” I do believe that scripture shows us over and over that God will always use the good and the bad that we go through for our ultimate good if we let Him.  I must reject the negative lies swarming in my head and “Keep moving forward”!

By the way, by the end of the movie, Audrey and I saw a complete correlation between Meet The Robinsons and The Gospel.  You see… Lewis also had a nemesis who used to be his roommate at the orphanage, Goob.  Goob’s life took a downturn after missing a pop fly in the outfield in the middle of a championship game.  This event Caused his teammates to interject negative thoughts into his head.  We are given a birds-eye view of the problem of bitterness, via Goob’s life choices.  In his decision to believe the negativity floating around in his head, he goes the way of “evil villain”.  Story goes on.  Lewis is able to right all the wrongs that the evil villain had inflicted and was even able to give the villain a second chance in life.  Sound familiar?  I love it!  I don’t know if the makers of this film had that intention or not, but God did and He used them and their creativity with or without their knowledge.  After all, he gave them these creative gifts in the first place!

Welcome to my head!  Haha!  It’s an interesting place sometimes!  Go enjoy an animated movie with your family tonight!  Happy Family Friday!

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