I don’t know why the gameroom is the first room I’m digging into! It, more than likely has more to do with the “Jenny-Mike” inside of me!  This room is going to be a girl’s dream!  Or at least a girl born in the 70’s!  LOL

Inspiration For Gameroom Design

Jenny Michal Interiors | Genie

He He!!  And I’m only slightly kidding.  Any little girl from the 70’s and 80’s LONGED to live in Genie’s bottle!  If you say otherwise, you’re lying! But, honestly the jewel tones and velvet and shiny fabrics ARE inspirational!  So, on my pinterest board “Gamerooms” this is what I’ve collected

 Jenny Michal Interiors | Gameroom Design


Habitually Chic

 Love the striped walls with sconces!  Rick pinks and Oranges make this space so cozy and great for movie watching

Jenny Michal Interiors | Gameroom Design

The Pink Salon

Hot Pink Lacquered walls WILL OCCUR!!  I mean… WOW!! Also love the mix of red, pink, purple, black and white!  Makes me soooo happy!! Possibly the Heaven’s have opened up and angels are singing!

  Jenny Michal Interiors | Gameroom Design

The Nest

Bold Bold colors!  So rich and simply joyful!

Must Have Elements

The funky vibrant fabric is so happy and inviting!  The white plastic 70’s chairs! Totally fabulous!  And get excited, because Yours Truly found 5 at Round Top this spring!  Woohoo! Source The mirrored sideboard with pink lamps!  Source Are you kidding me!?! And, finally, the curtained wall with pendants hanging in front screams old-timey movie theater!


Imagine with me… If you can… This bergere chair…

Jenny Michal Interiors | Gameroom Design | College Station, Tx

In this show-stopping fabric…

Jenny Michal Interiors | Gameroom Design | College Station, Tx

I know, Right!?! Also, these fabulous fabrics…


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If your heart did not just burst out in chorus to “Groove Is In The Heart” you must have a quiet time and ask yourself “What IS missing in my life?”


Here are just a few of the ideas I have for the gameroom accessories… Any ideas??

The mirror is made out of soda bottle caps from an artist, Redington Design, out of Austin.  He makes some way fabulous stuff!  It was sort of my starting inspiration for color.  I have two large gold-framed chalkboards that will look fabulous in this space!  Great for displaying the Aggie football schedule!  The fuzzy beanbags look so cozy! and the sconce will make the space feel like the movie theater that Annie visited with Daddy Warbucks!  YAY!!

I cannot wait to show you the “Jenny-Mike Gameroom” progress!! This is what it currently looks like…

Jenny Michal Interiors | College Station Tx

I’d love your opinions and constructive criticisms and thoughts!!

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