I’ve been feeling very inspired this week!  Inspired to design, create, learn, grow, share!  You know that feeling of FINALLY coming out of the muck?  Finally feeling excitement for what the day is going to bring?  That’s where I am right now.  I’m so so thankful to be waking up from a very dark and heavy season of life!  I know I may sound like a broke record but sorry not sorry!  I’m going to be intentionally joyful about it!  So, I thought I’d gather all of my faves from the week and share them with you!  Because I love ya!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Tx | Friday Finds

Loved this raw yet real life read by Jacqueline Gentry via Chrissie Shields’ Blog!  Wow!  I love love when people are real!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Tx | Friday Finds

Looking forward to this book, that I just learned of this week!

“Waiting on God is internal rest that results in courageous action.”

~ Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies

I love this quote!  Sitting still is darn near impossible for me and this imagery is anything but sitting still right!?

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Tx | Friday Finds

Do you ever assemble, what feels to you like the perfect outfit?  Well, for my birthday, my husband is always so so sweet to take me on a spring shopping spree to a city with good shopping.  And, well, I’m DYING over this ensemble!  It may not mean much to anyone else and I’m not sure where I’ll wear it but it just came together in a way that just moves my soul!  I look at it every night before bed.  LOL!  I can be so weird!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Tx | Friday Finds

In fact, spring color in general (and let’s be honest, PINK) inspire me to my core!  I’m so happy to be putting away the heavy browns and blacks of winter and trading them in for the bright springy pops of color!!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Tx | Friday Finds

We had a College and friend “Panini Party” this week with these bad boys!  Yes!  Homemade whole-wheat bread is yummy-yummy!  These 5 loaves fed about 30 people!  I feel like Jesus feeding 5,000! Haha!

Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Tx | Friday Finds

I do love all of the above fun material gifts!  I do!  I am inspired by reading the words of a sweet lady being real about her life, but the most inspirational parts of my week were ALL of the connections I was blessed with.  I had to take a selfie here because we matched on accident and Jeff doesn’t do well with such things so I caught him off guard to document the occasion.  Last week we wore red and blue plaid at the same time!  hahahahaha!  I laugh… He does not.

Anyway, connection… From my son and all the other Aggies that came over this week, my fabulous photographers and all of their family, my sweet intern Hannah, my man in purple gingham, my two babies still living at home, Kylee, Jennifer, D’Lynn… I’m so thankful for each encounter and new as well as old, relationships.  I am blessed beyond measure this week!  I hope you’ve had some awesome connections as well this week!

Happy Family Friday!

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Tx

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