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Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Tx | Amy Mia Goldsmith Guestblogger
Jenny Tamplin Interiors

Vintage décor is a true eye-candy, isn’t it? The retro look is back in fashion this year in the interior design world, along with shabby chic and country style. You can achieve the retro feel in any room with the help of just a few tasteful additions such as antique-looking art frames, old-fashioned furnishings, a lavish chandelier and perhaps a couple of extras evocative of bygone times such as a vintage clock, classic phone and a gramophone. Here are a few ideas on charming retro items that will turn your favorite room into a picturesque décor right out of The Great Gatsby. Jenny Tamplin added some vintage charm to her staircase area and created a unique feel of old times.

1. Antique-looking art frames 

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Tx | Amy Mia Goldsmith Guestblogger

Jenny Tamplin Interiors

Antique frames are relatively affordable and easy to find at second-hand or antique furniture stores. If you are of the crafty lot, you can even turn your plain frame into a piece of vintage craft with some affordable accessories such as a glass cleaner, paint brush, base color and second paint tone (choose dark hues or gilt to achieve a vintage feel), sandpaper and wood varnish. Clean the frame with the glass cleaner, apply the base color and follow up with the second color after the first coat of paint dries. Use sandpaper to distress the frame once the paint has completely dried (this will create a worn-out look) and finally treat the entire surface with a transparent wood varnish. Remember: the larger the frame, the better the overall decorative effects.

2. Furniture with a retro feel 

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Tx | Amy Mia Goldsmith Guestblogger

Jenny Tamplin Interiors

Furnishings with a quaint feel are every interior designer’s ally when creating a retro ambiance. If you have family heirloom pieces like armchairs and armoires lying around your attic, now is the perfect time to whip them out and put them to good decorative use. Items such as antique-looking coffee tables with wrought iron legs or Victorian-style nightstands are a go-to when aiming to create a vintage room décor, and they will also play nicely with regular wooden furnishings cleaned and re-coated with lacquer.

3. Retro items: a 1920’s telephone and gramophone 

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Tx | Amy Mia Goldsmith Guestblogger

Amy Mia Goldsmith Photography

Gramophones, old-school cameras, typewriters and telephones from the bygone era are irretrievably nostalgic, aren’t they? These outdated gadgets can transform any living area from contemporary to vintage if combined with statement furnishings and retro accessories such as oversized mirrors with elaborate frames, chandeliers and clocks. An old-fashioned gramophone or 1920’s telephone you inherited from your grandfather will provide the perfect finishing touch to your vintage room – for as long as you place it on a like-styled table or shelf, of course.

4. Lighting ideas 

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Tx | Amy Mia Goldsmith Guestblogger

Jenny Tamplin Interiors

Everyone loves chandeliers: they are romantic, classy and deliver an authentic note to any spot you decide to put them. Jenny Tamplin used a pagoda chandelier in her home, which fills the room and gives it a unique vintage feel. If you have an old chandelier with a few missing crystals in your family hand-me-down collection, you can use it when redoing the living room in retro style. In case you do not already have one, you can simply use wall décor and memorable pictures with LED wall lights to achieve the dreamy, quaint effect.

5. A vintage clock 

Time inevitably goes by – but you can stop it in your retro living room with the help of a vintage clock. Get an outmoded wall clock in the local antiques store or opt for a retro or steam punk alternative sold at most crafts and design fairs. A timepiece that looks smack like a prop from Ana Karenina will make a great conversation starter at your next party – and you can have it repaired if you want your accessories to be both sophisticated and functional.

Do not mourn the good old times – reclaim them right there in your home using vintage accessories. Chic and lavish, retro is the new modern, and it shows that style does not always come with a prohibitive price tag. A vintage feel will make you fall in love with any room and turn it into a place you can proudly call home.

Thank you so much, Amy, and Happy Hump-Day to you all!

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Tx

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