It has been quite some time since I’ve had a little boy’s bedroom in my house. In fact since my oldest, Jade, is almost 22, it has been more than a decade! It’s fun to design for my girls that still live at home, but I do love thinking of design ideas for boys rooms.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel over whelmed when designing any kind of interior space.  There are, after all, so many options!  But, have you ever worked a maze backwards?  It’s virtually impossible to take a wrong turn!  So, in that spirit you and I are going to design a space for a little boy simply by narrowing our options down and eliminating everything on your “DON’T” list first!  You’re sure to find your starting point this way!  Let’s get started with these simple “DON’ts”.

DON’T Forget the Outdoors


Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Texas | Boys Bedroom

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Think outside the four walls that confine your adventurous Boy to the inside!  Boys are FILLED with energy and ready to explore and discover!  When you’re thinking of your little man’s space, think beyond your indoors!  Add outdoor elements via, a faux bear skin rug, or create a corner for camping out with a teepee, Or (as above) think of adding natural elements via the lighting!  Even the natural fibers in the window treatment reflect a forest feel!

DON’T Over-Complicate It


Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Texas | Boys Bedroom

Owen’s Olivia

Don’t over think this space for your little dude!  They don’t need a lot of “pretties”!  keeping the look simple will also eliminate the breakables in the space and will lend itself to you letting your little guy cut loose!  I love the look above!  Just a few stark contrasting patterns with masculine textures such as the metal in the bed frame and the wood planked wall and all the interest he’ll need or want and, at the same time, keep the space tidy and ready to play in!

DON’T Make It Generic


Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Texas | Boys Bedroom

100 Layer Cakelet

Most importantly, don’t forget who exactly your boy is!  Does he love to read?  Incorporate that into his space with a corner for him to settle into and get lost in a book!  Does he love to build?  Incorporate and space for a Lego table or train station!  Does he love to play “pretend”?  Get creative!  Make his room a special escape for HIM!

The Design

Putting together all of these cute ideas, I came up with a great bedroom for your little man! My faves are the floor cushion and the great book wall holder both from Blue House Joys, a local company here in College Station. Check them out for other cute cushions, book racks, and play canopies.

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Texas | Boys Bedroom

The Shopping List

Play Tent- The Land of Nod

Floor Cushion- Blue House Joys

Rug- Lulu & Georgia

Hanging Pendant- Pottery Barn Kids

Bed- Wayfair

Red Throw Pillow- Target

Fire Truck Pillow- Target

Bear Print- Etsy

Basket- Target

Book Sling- Blue House Joys

Duvet cover- Target

Throw Blanket- Williams Sonoma

I hope you’ve been inspired to create a fun space for your little guy using these simple “Don’t” guidelines!  Be sure and subscribe to my blog below!  Teen Boys are coming up next!

Happy Whimsy Wednesday!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas



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