Jenny Mike's House InspirationSpoiler alert!! The above pic is not the Jenny-Mike house… But it is close!!

Let me first begin by explaining the origin of this house-plan.  It was birthed out of a need to create, what I hope and pray will foster and become a new “normal” for myself and my four kids.

Life circumstances have lead us down a path of new adventures! I LOVE house plans! I have looked through them countless times over the course of my adult life.  I love dreaming and scheming of how best to encourage and support a family in a healthy, loving environment.  I believe a beautiful, organized, functional environment is the physical foundation for thriving families.

My motto is, and always has been, “The more the merrier”.  I remember being about 6 years old and trying to sneak approximately 20 stuffed animals on a trip to the mountains.  Please keep in mind, this was with a family of 5 in a 1980’s model Honda Civic!  Needless to say, the rest of the family did not welcome my stuffed family of 20 with open arms!

As I (Jenny-Mike) grew older, I ALWAYS wanted to have friends over.  Common-sense thinking would lead one to believe that this would entail A (singular) friend every now and then. However, this was hardly ever the case, unless the friend was my cousin Marci (who was actually more like a sister).  Most of the time “a friend” was actually more like 3-5 (or more) friends.

As an adult, I have remained consistent in this philosophy, having had four kids by the age of 25.


As my children have grown to 14, 16, 18 and almost 20 I have hosted many a slumber party.  In fact, it is quite the norm to have at least 2-10 extra kids under our roof on any given night.


Due to the life circumstances I mentioned above, we have found ourselves in a position of needing and wanting to relocate.  My girls (the two still under my roof) are very particular in the relocation location!  They want to be as near to their friends as possible (like Mother like Daughter, right?).  After just a short time of assessing the situation, it became very clear to us that we needed to build.  Plus we could use a fun project! SOOOO, here we are! The “Jenny-Mike” house!

Jenny Mike’s Blueprints

Front Elevation

This blog (or at least this section of this blog) is meant to chronicle the entire process of building this home.  From the foundation to moving in!  I’d be honored if you walked this road with me!

As you already know, I am a “more-the-merrier” kind of girl, so please use the form in the sidebar to sign up to get the blog delivered to your inbox.  Also, please feel free to comment on any of the posts.  I value your input and would love to hear what you have to say.


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