Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas | Guide To An Awesome Dorm

So we’re already on Part 3 of my 4 part College Dorm Series!  If you missed the first two make sure you check them out!  Go here to begin working on a plan for your space and then here for tips on living in such a small space.

Then you’ll be ready to make your shopping list!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas | Guide To An Awesome Dorm

But don’t forget the essentials!  These are the items that you’ll really wish you’d thought of on “Move-In” Day!  Trust me!  That is a CRAZY time!  It is so worth your time and energy to prepare as much as possible prior to that moment!  So let’s think of EVERY POSSIBLE NEED NOW!!  Let’s put all those gift cards you got for being the amazing person you are and put your dream dorm space together!  You with me??  Ready!  Set! Make a list!

The Essentials

Here are just a few items that I think are essential to making your dorm room the room of your dreams! Some are more decorative and some are things that I think will help you with making the most of your space! Enjoy!








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I hope that these posts have been helpful in preparing you for moving into your dorm room and that you got some fun ideas for how to make it more homey!

I just know you’re gonna be so happy in your first home away from home!  Oh and MAKE SURE and subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss the final “Dorm Room Guide” that’s posting next week!  Spoiler Alert!  I’m sharing a fun dorm design using all of the elements I’ve suggested!  And showing you how easy it is to make it all come together!  Woo-Hoo!  #itsrealpretty 🙂

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas | Guide To An Awesome Dorm

Happy Whimsy Wednesday!

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