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It was Christmas time. Hands down, without question, my favorite time of the year! We were pumped for our family vacation to Colorado! I was raised snow skiing, but I had somehow managed to keep this past-time out of my family to this point. But this year, it was going down!  We were on our way to the picturesque ski slopes of Colorado via a plane ride to Denver followed by a 3 hour drive to our final destination.

We spent 2 days packing and preparing. If you’ve ever gone snow skiing you know that it means twice the normal amount of luggage due to ALL the paraphernalia. The day had finally arrived. We were catching the last flight out of our small west Texas town on Christmas Eve. We arrived at the airport with time to spare. After a stress-free check-in process, we boarded the plane on time. The atmosphere on the plane was buzzing with all the excitement of Christmas Eve! Families going to visit more family full of Yuletide Cheer! Then it happened. The Pilot’s voice interrupts the happy interaction of his passengers, to let us know they found a crack in the windshield, and it being the last flight of the night, would have to cancel the flight until the following morning.

It’s amazing to me how quickly a moral can go bust! Two seconds ago everyone was smiling at one another and interacting positively with the flight crew. It was like instantly, all the children on the plane began to throw fits and every parent found it hard to conceal their general disdain for the holiday season.

Needless to say we all piled off the plane and stood in a two-hour line to reschedule our tickets for the next day (if you were among the lucky ones who didn’t have to wait two days). My family left the airport, wondering what dining establishment would still be open on Christmas Eve, because we’d diligently disposed of all the food in our home for our upcoming week-long vacation.

All of us were hacked and more than a little put out with the airline and their cracked windshield. This was 6 or 7 years ago.

Yesterday, I found myself feeling more than a little put out by certain events in my life. Things I was so looking forward to were slipping through my fingers. It was becoming clear, these things weren’t going to happen after all. I was feeling frustrated with God. I had, after all, put in hours of prayer time! Trusted Him on a certain path. He seemed to dangle this blessing in front of my face and then take it away! Why? Why would He do such a cruel thing?

Then I remembered the Christmas Eve of the broken windshield and something struck me. If you travel consistently at all, I’m certain you’ve encountered plane delays or even cancellations for one reason or another. It’s irritating for certain. But truth be told, when I think the entire situation through, I’m quite thankful the crew was diligent and skilled enough to notice the cracked windshield as we sat on the tarmac verses 50,000 feet in the air! I’m thankful that they risked upsetting their passengers rather than killing us!

The fact is, when I board a plane, I’m putting my life in the hands of the crew and the airline. I’m ultimately, trusting them to have my best interests (and that of my family) at heart. That being said, if they, in their expertise, foresee a danger, I trust them to protect me from harm.

Isn’t this what trusting God means as well? When I ask him to bless my path, and keep me out of harms way, doesn’t that mean I’ll have to “trust” him when I can’t see why? What if instead of feeling like a loser that God doesn’t care about, I consider that He cares so much for me, He just protected me from some unforeseen harm in closing that door? I’m just thinking out loud here.

Maybe this is what it means to be thankful in trials. When I think the whole situation through, I AM thankful to the crew of the plane for not taking off with a broken windshield. I don’t even like snow skiing that much! Certainly not enough to die for! Haha!  But for real…

As an adult, I’ve had to re-learn how to truly trust God. I should say, I AM currently and actively learning how to trust God. I’m learning how to thank Him in the midst of the trials! Because maybe… Just maybe, the King of The Universe notices cracks in windshields that I cannot!

What are your thoughts on trust?  What’s your reaction to trials and derailed plans?  Please leave a comment below!

Happy Family Friday!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas

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