So, last week we walked through the “don’ts” of creating a space for a little boy.  But, before you know it, your packing up the tepees and firetrucks to make room for the band posters and sports paraphernalia.  Your little man is becoming a teen!  It honestly all happens in the blink of an eye!  I know.  My little man is going to be 22 next month!

I hear from my clients across the country that this stage is quite frustrating!  You feel you just spent all that time and energy (not to mention money!) creating a bedroom for a little boy to thrive in!  And now you have to tear it all down!  Well, no!  With just a few minor tweaks you can add age to his space and make him a happy camper!  Or a happy adolescent (there truly is such a thing) who will thank you for always making them feel special and valued in about 10 more years!  Haha!  Oh motherhood!  But I digress…

Just  like we worked the problem backwards (one of my favorite design techniques) with your little boy’s room last week, let’s work the problem backwards for your teen’s room as well.

DON’T Get So Serious


Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Texas | What Not To Forget In A Teen Boys Room

Restoration Hardware

I know that teens want to be treated as adults and they’re ready for some respect, but let’s be honest.  I still don’t want to grow up completely!  You know in their heart of hearts they don’t either!  So, remember the element of fun when designing a space for a teen boy…  This shark head is a great illustration of keeping things playful and fun!

DON’T Forget Warmth


Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Texas | What Not To Forget In A Teen Boys Room

I think for a masculine space, we often think of elements such as steel, metal, and wood.  All of which are fabulous choices, but don’t forget to cozy up his space through softer textures such as twill, wool or soft cottons.

DON’T Forget To Ask Him


Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Texas | What Not To Forget In A Teen Boys Room


A teen is ready for some creative rights.  He should be included in the design process!  He may not think he has any strong opinions on the subject but once you get his wheels turning he most definitely will have his own insight to share.  What athletic teen boy wouldn’t feel inspired by a look into this bedroom!  Show him other pics on pinterest to get his creative brain working!

The Teen Boy Design

With those “don’t” guidelines, you’re ready to help your teen boy create his dream space!  For further inspiration I’ve created a fun design that will helpfully get you off to a great start!


Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Texas | Teen Boys Bedroom

The Shopping List

Floor lamp: World Market

Red Pillow: Target

Plaid Pillow: Etsy

Bed: Wayfair

Nightstand: Pottery Barn

Deer head: Etsy

Rug: Lulu & Georgia

Hanging fixture: Lights & Co

Buffalo Print: Etsy

Mirror: Wayfair

World Map print: Etsy

Accent chair: Target

I hope you have fun using this opportunity to truly connect with your young man!  Be sure and subscribe to my blog for me great design tips, plus fun ways to connect with your loved ones!  And as always, if you feel stuck in your interior, send me a message!  I’m here to help!

Have a Whimsy Wednesday!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas

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