IT’S SUMMER!!!  WOO-HOO!!!  We love summer in this house!  It’s not only a time to rest, but also a time to PARTY!!

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Monumental Mondays in June are nothing short of a blast waiting to happen!  I’m going to walk you through 4 very simple ideas to connect in the form of a party with your friends and family!

You’ll see everything from pool parties, to Outdoor Movie Night Parties, to fort-building parties, to the ultimate slip N slide party (red-neck style)  Haha!  So be sure and stay tuned this month!  And let’s get this party started and blow the roof off this… summer!?!

Remember the idea throughout this series is to KISS it.  That’s


Hahaha!  But seriously!  Martha Stewart is out!  The new way is to do party, is to KISS it and HAVE FUN!!

4 P’s Are For:

  1. Pool!  Don’t worry with the details on this!  Builtin, above ground, baby pool, sprinkler, or community pool.  IT DOESN’T MATTER!!  It WILL be fun!  YOU make it that way!
  2. Pancakes!  You’ve gotta eat breakfast right!?!  Why not in or around the pool?  That griddle can plug in anywhere!  Why not get CRAZY and add some chocolate chips??  YUM!!
  3. Pineapple Punch!  This recipe was fabulous!  And see!  We’re keeping it healthy and adding fruit!  And Ice Cream 🙂
  4. Pool Ping Pong!  Don’t forget the game! I found this one on Amazon!  There are some many fun and entertaining pool games out there for every age!  Go to pinterest!  (You didn’t think I’d dare, write a post without mentioning it did you?)

Now GO PARTY!!  And have a Monumental Monday!

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