Having raised 3 girls, I DO love to design spaces for little girls!  So much imagination and creativity in these precious ones and I love to try and reflect at least a fraction of that in their space!  However, Just as we discussed the “don’ts” for a little boys room, I want to walk through a few for a little girl!  If you keep these 3 don’ts in mind in your plan, I know you’ll be so pleased with the final results!  Take a look!

Don’t Be A Design Cliche!

When you’re thinking of artwork and wall coverings, think outside the box!  Sometimes we get stuck here going with what we see over and over!  For example… CHEVRON!  If I never see chevron again for 30 years it will be too soon!  We tend to overdo what we see in popular culture, even forgetting the classics!  What does your girl love?  Two of mine love whales.  So, guess what we had a painting of?

What do you most feel your precious girl needs to hear over and over to encourage and spur her on to what God has called her to?  Go to etsy and find a fun artist to paint the words on a canvas for your little one to see every time she comes into her room!  Brittany at Addison’s Wonderland knows a thing or 20 about little girls spaces too!  And she tends to create rooms that leave you dreaming big!  Case and point…

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Texas | Girls Bedroom

Addison’s Wonderland

Don’t Buy Everything Off The Rack!

Of course I’m not referring to clothes here.  But when you’re picking out furniture please, for the love of everything Holy (in the world of interior design, haha) DO NOT buy matching bedroom sets!

I see this mistake so often!  Buying matching sets make a space (particularly a small space, like a child’s bedroom) seem so ho-hum and BORING!  Don’t do it!!  Resist the urge!  Go to a few yard sales or antique shops.  Look on Craig’s list and buy a couple of old cheap pieces, let your baby girl pick out her favorite colors and paint your new finds!  Two things are sure to happen… 1. You’ll have some awesome connection time with your daughter AND 2. You’ll create an awesome and unique space for her to enjoy for years to come!

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Texas | Girls Bedroom

KidSpace Stuff

Don’t Forget Comfort!

When you’re planning your sweet girl’s space, remember to make it comfortable!  I’ve talked about this a lot in the past, but it’s always worth revisiting!  Sometimes when we look at beautiful pictures of interiors, we forget about the “living” that needs to go on there!”  Don’t make it so beautiful that you don’t want to “live” in the space!

Create a space for her to pretend, play and thrive in!  An easy way to do this is through fabrics… Fabrics make everything a little more cozy and welcoming!  Combining different textures adds layer and even more interest to her special space.

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Texas | Girls Bedroom

My Home Ideas

A Fun Design Idea

Pulling from all this inspiration here is my idea of a super cute little girl’s bedroom!

Jenny Tamplin Interiors | College Station, Texas | Girls Bedroom

Shopping Guide:

Hanging flowers above bed: Etsy

Headboard: Land of Nod

 Bedding: Land of Nod

Lamp: Target

Nightstand: Land of Nod

Armoire: Horchow

Sofa: Land of Nod

Wall Name Art: Etsy

Metal Letter: Land of Nod

Wall Flower: Etsy

Rug: Land of Nod

I hope you find inspiration for your little princess in this post!  I’d love to hear your ideas for your baby girl!  Leave a comment!  And don’t forget to subscribe for more design and family inspiration!

Happy Whimsy Wednesday!

Jenny Tamplin | College Station, Texas

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