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Valentine’s Day is in 5 days!!  I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but this year I’ve given it some thought. I’m all about family and connecting with family. In fact, my sweet spot for my business is designing spaces for families to connect! But personally, I’ve learned so much over the course of the last year about the importance of a healthy vibrant relationship between Mom and Dad! Without that, it doesn’t matter how much time or energy is spent coming up with the PERFECT family space.  It’s all for naught, if that primary relationship isn’t thriving.

SO, from that line of deep thoughts by Jenny Tamplin, I came up with 10 great places to reconnect with your man this Valentine’s week!

The Bedroom

Intimate Connection/Jenny Tamplin Interiors

Traditional Home

Of course, this one is a no-brainer. However, you might want to consider making a few quick changes this week!  Something as simple as lighting can change the ambiance of an otherwise familiar space. Pick up a few candles and maybe a beautiful flower arrangement. Even throw a fuzzy red or pink blanket at the foot of the bed or add a special pillow for the week.

Intimate Connection/Jenny Tamplin Interiors

Nesta Home

This one from Nesta Home on Etsy is Super Cute!

The Bath

Intimate Connection/Jenny Tamplin Interiors

Katrina Derrico

Simple, and not even that original, but always effective! Take a special homemade dessert AND the bottle of Champagne to the bathroom!  Add a special concoction of aromas to the water and relax with your favorite person!

A Private Meal

Intimate Connection/Jenny Tamplin Interiors

House Beautiful

Everyone knows the way to a man’s heart, right? Create a special memory by setting a more intimate table somewhere special in your home. Forget the insane crowds this Saturday! Even if cooking isn’t your thing, order your food to-go! Just enough room for two!  So much better and more intimate than a restaurant!

A Private Picnic

Intimate Connection/Jenny Tamplin Interiors

The Frosted Petticoat

This beautiful display by The Frosted Petticoat makes me want to throw some cheese, crackers and wine in a basket and find the best secluded spot for Saturday!

The Hammock

Intimate Connection/Jenny Tamplin Interiors

Ruffled Blog

I love this hammock and would love to recreate this special spot to “hang around” with my man!

The Pallet

Intimate Connection/Jenny Tamplin Interiors


Pallets don’t have to be just for your kids’ sleepovers! Look how cozy and romantic this little spot is! This would be a great, easy, inexpensive, AND special memory to make!

The Pickup

Intimate Connection/Jenny Tamplin Interiors


Even if it’s a little cold in your area, grab a bunch of blankets and leave town to get the best view of the stars!  The simplest things are often the most special!

The Motorcycle

Intimate Connection/Jenny Tamplin Interiors

Haha!!  I may have lost you on this one, depending on your spirit of adventure.  I’ll be honest, not my favorite thing!  But it is for sure important to my man, so off to the windy roads of Texas we go!!


Intimate Connection/Jenny Tamplin Interiors

Magazine Online

This is a luxury for certain.  We aren’t all so blessed to live in a place THIS magnificent, however you can find beauty almost anywhere!  These little excursions often foster the best and most intimate conversations!

Anywhere with Him

Intimate Connection/Jenny Tamplin Interiors

Architectural Digest

Maybe it’s a common place. Maybe it’s your favorite spot to snuggle with him!  It may be more about the conversation or just being with each other, alone for a while!  Claim your favorite place in your home with him. Pick a relaxing topic, or music that interests him, and make a memory.

I hope you find some inspiration for connecting with your man this week!  Do you have a plan already? Please share!

Happy Valentine’s Week!

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