When you walk through a house do you look for details?  Areas that seem to invite you to stay and hang out for a while?  I bet, even if you don’t look for them, they catch your eye when you see them.  There is something about a very small space that is uniquely designed.  Especially, a nook with fabric cushions and pillows!  A spot that makes you want to curl up with a cup of coffee and a book!  Or have an intimate chat with a loved one!  These little spaces turn a “house” into a “home”.  

Jenny Michal Interiors | Cozy Nook


Here are 20 examples of fabulous and cozy nooks…

Book Nooks

Jenny Michal Interiors | Cozy Nook

I have lots of readers in my family.  How about you?  Doesn’t this spot just scream “Rainy Day Relaxation”!!

Jenny Michal Interiors | Book Nook


This one is just so sweet!  It looks like a small closet converted into a fantastic kid-size book-nook!  The lime green really makes it pop.  Plus the lamp that is just his size makes it his very own spot!

Jenny Michal Interiors | nooks | Understairs Seating


It’s not difficult to find the space for these nooks.  The whole point is that it’s a tight space!  Here’s a great example under the stairs!

Window Seats

Window seats are so charming and classy! Look at these choices…

Kitchen Window, Arched Window, Red Curtain Seat, Hallway Window

Beautiful examples here.  It seems a lot of the time, the fabric makes the space!  Extremely inviting and cozy!  Details such as sconces, book shelves, curtains and decorative pillows make it such a personal space!

Built-in Beds

For the ultimate in cozy… Check out these built-in beds!  Talk about a kid’s paradise!  

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Cottage Beds, Red Plaid Built-ins,

No Carpentry Necessary

Creating a homey nook doesn’t have to be an expensive project!  Here are some great examples of creating a space without having to install permanent fixtures!

Senoia,Ga Idea House entry hall


Simply adding a fun chair that you love to a closed in space, creates homey-ness!  Plus the small chest and lamp!  I wanna hang out there!

Jenny Michal Interiors | cozy nooks


Find a decorative pillow that you adore and place it on a bench by your back door! Instant charm!

Jenny Michal Interiors | cozy nooks


More exquisite fabric in window treatments, cushions and pillows make this lil breakfast nook so appealing!  No better place either!  Right off the kitchen!  Guests and family members would sit here all the time!

Here are two amazing examples of a sofa fitting snuggly between bookshelves.  PERFECT!


Jenny Michal Interiors | College Station, Tx

This is in my own home and is everyone’s “favorite Spot”!

Jenny Michal Interiors | cozy nook

Yellow sofa Source


Unique spots for Nooks

You could get REALLY creative and find space in the most unlikely places!!

Jenny Michal Interiors | cozy nook


At the landing of the stairs!

Jenny Michal Interiors | Cozy Nooks


 or IN the stairs!! 

Jenny Michal Interiors | Cozy Nooks

My favorite!! In a high window!!  Genius!  My kids would fight over this one!

Jenny-Mike Nooks

Well, surely you didn’t think I forgot to add these cool personal touches to the Jenny-Mike project!?  Oh no!  We have some VERY cozy nooks in the making!!  Check em out!

This lil nook is in the first landing of the stairs as you turn to make your way to the 2nd floor. It will be a window seat upon completion.

This is the window in Mady’s room.  There will be a window seat bellow it and bookshelves on each side.

What do you think?  I’d love your feedback!  In the meantime, grab an old chair, find a forgotten corner and create your own favorite sweet spot!!

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